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Our Approaches

Cost management

Knowing how much you pay for IT services would be an important factor for your yearly budget. Our low-cost monthly IT support plans will surely a fit. Our fixed rate monthly IT plan works for most of our clients. You would still get a strong Enterprise IT support at the same time.

We can obtain for our clients the Education pricing, Charity organization pricing and business discounts. These discount products are from Microsoft software, Google licenses, Enterprise network hardware, desktop and laptops.

With the right recommendation for hardware and software products, the network will have capacities to growth and expand in the future without additional hardware or replacement. That is also help your spending budget down the road


Best practices

To achieve the goal of having a stable and strong network environment, a well design network, a strong support IT team would be two most important components and we can offer both to our clients.

Our everyday on-site support allows us to interact with end-users that would provide us with opportunity to understand their everyday issues and inform each end user with certain do’s and don’ts when they are online or working inside a network. Preventive measures are our first line of defense against future issues.



We recommend and provide to our clients mild to heavy duty firewall solutions that provide strong security, E-rate compliant content filter protection, anti-malware protection and spam filtering. These firewall solutions can also be custom to block additional sites and apps beyond industry standard requirements.

We utilize and configure other firewall and content filter protections from ISP, Google, and Apple as secondary protective layer. The firewall, virus scan software would be the 3rd protective layer for end user devices wherever they are in the workplace or travel outside the workplace.


Reliability and Stability

Your network infrastructure and its devices need to run smoothly every day to ensure works get done without interruption. Having a strong, experience IT team would be the key to that. Our company had been consistent in our response time since day one. Resolving IT issue correctly the first time would be just as important which is something we have been and thriving to do over the years.

With our low cost and fixed rate IT plans, it is also in our best interest to get IT issues resolved quickly and correctly the first time.

To have a reliable and stable network environment, which hardware we recommend and how we do the initial setup are also critical to our current client network and its future growth. We have in-depth experiences with different Enterprise solutions and end user devices to provide a comprehensive consultation to our clients.



Implementing a new network infrastructure and paying for them are a big budget item. We can help our client to assess the current network infrastructure conditions and provided the most optimal network upgrade with lots of rooms to expand.

It is critical that the new network infrastructure is scalable to a much bigger size to accommodate more devices and heavy network activities in the future. Our consultations and recommendations would-be right-on point.


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